Connecting with Others

Blessed are they that mourn…

To mourn means to share your grief with others. If it’s been six months or more it might be time to consider joining a grief group or, what I prefer to call, a healing group. If you’re not ready to do it alone ask a friend to accompany you to the first meeting or two.

Connecting with others going through similar losses can be comforting and more than anything healing.  Grief weighs less when shared with others.

Here are some resources to get you started:

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Rules for Family Healing

A gift for your family: Print off "Rules for Family Healing," fill in the blanks with your loved one's name, and hang it where family members can see and refer to it daily.

Rules for Family Healing

Grief Tips

  • Be a name dropper! Mentioning your loved one's name during conversation gives others permission to talk about your loved one, too.
  • Be honest. Don't say that you're "okay" when you're not.
  • Ask for help and be specific. Ask a friend to hold your hand while you go through a loved one's closet, or make a dreaded phone call. Grief shared is grief diminished.
  • If possible, postpone making difficult or life-changing decisions until after the first year.
  • Grief can take a toll on health. Continue to watch your diet, and exercise. Make an appointment for a physical.
  • Start a grief journal, and write out your feelings.
  • Write a letter to your loved one, and read it aloud by the graveside.
  • If it's been six months or longer, consider joining a grief support group.
  • Spend at least 15 minutes each day in the sun. It will lift your spirits.
  • Breathe deeply. The shallow breathing that comes with grief can cause chest pains, headaches or other health problems.
  • Pray for God's help and comfort.